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Patty Hayes is the President of Hayes Support, a company specializing in project management, network security, data management, social media marketing, business analysis and development. Ms. Hayes is a twenty year resident of the Midway Airport community and a long time member of the United Business Association of Midway.

Ed Kozak

Board Member

Bernard Streit, Board of Directors, United Business Association of Midway.  Mr. Streit, a licensed Real Estate Broker, has owned his own company, Fireside Realty, Inc. for 45 years.  Well known in the Clearing community, Mr. Streit personifies the ideal of straight forward and personal service.  His success in the same location for almost half a century attests to the trust and loyalty he has generated in the community.  

Joseph Loduca, DDS

Founding Member, Vice President

R.I.P. February 25 2018

Ed Kozak, a longtime member of the United Business Association of Midway, is currently the Director of Development for St. Laurence High School in Burbank, Illinois. He is also the owner of Kozak Sports Research, an independent consulting practice that develops media guides and publications for professional sports teams. Mr. Kozak has worked extensively in both civic and business organizations for over 20 years. He is currently serving as President of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Clear Ridge Historical Society and a Board member of the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

Robert J. Moynihan

Board Member

Robert Moynihan, a recent addition to UBAM’s Board of Directors, acquired  Central Chapel in December, 2010.  Licensed as a Funeral Director in l983, he was associated with Lane Chapels for many years.  A former president of Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, he strongly advocates a strong, active business association.  Focusing on marketing and superior, affordable service, Mr. Moynihan has tripled the number of funerals at Central Chapel since his acquisition.

Mary Fabis, a founding member of the United Business of Midway, has been on the Board of Directors since 1985.  She and her late husband opened their travel agency 35 years ago.  Ms. Fabis still operates her company in a newly remodeled facility on Archer Avenue.  A long-standing business owner, she remains committed to the Midway  business community and its economic viability.   

Mary Fabis

Founding Member, Board Member

Patricia O’Brien, a member of the United Business Association of Midway since 2003,   currently serves as the Association’s secretary/treasurer. She is a licensed Realtor since 1974 with O'Brien Family Realty, Inc. in Clearing.  A lifelong resident of the Southwest side, Ms. O’Brien is an active member of the Southwest Realty Board, and currently serves on the St. Rene Goupil Parish Council. 

Cindy Bieniek

Board Member

Patricia O'Brien


Thomas Boudos, a Board Member for several terms, is presently retired from the trucking industry.  A former restaurant owner, Mr. Boudos was in charge of a large catering entity for four years.  He and his wife, Arlene, now own a small business specializing in Calligraphy.  Mr. Boudos is an active member and volunteer, serving on several boards and committees in the Southwest community.   

Thomas Boudos

Board Member

Cindy Bieniek has been a United Business Association Board member for several years.

A former pediatric nurse practicing at a major Chicago area hospital, she joined her family printing business in 1987. Purchasing it with her brother in 1995, they renamed   the company, Prism Corporation, now specializing  in full print, copy and digital services.  Currently its  president, Ms. Bieniek is also a member of the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce, National Printers Association and Great Lakes Graphics Association.

Anita M. Cummings

Founding Member, Executive Director

UBAM and The Chicago/Midway - Clearing Illinois Mainstreet Project

Anita Cummings, has held numerous leadership positions in the Southwest community.  As a founder of the United Business Association of Midway, she has promoted economic growth in the Midway Airport area since 1979.  She is presently the Executive Director of both UBAM and the Chicago/Midway-Clearing Main Street project.  Significant Board appointments include: Illinois Civil Service Commission (current); Commissioner, Chicago Park District;   Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, Interim Board; Chairman, Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program. Ms. Cummings is the owner of A M Consulting, Inc., an independent consulting practice specializing in management assistance since 1984.

The purpose of the Association shall be to encourage, to support and to develop strong and active business community in the Midway Airport Area.


Board OF directors



Bernard Streit

Vice President

Patty Hayes

Board Member

Joseph Loduca, DDS is Vice President and a founder of the United Business Association of Midway.  Dr. Loduca is a licensed, practicing dentist for 37 years.  Active in the Southwest communities, he serves as a Commissioner of both the Midway Airport Noise Compatibility Commission, and the Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program. He is past Chairman of the Iroquois District of the Boy Scouts of America, Chicago area Council.